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How it's made: Jetpack Compose

Yousuf Haque & Zachary Smith

Android Engineer @Facebook

Android Engineer @Capital One

Yousuf is an engineer at Facebook. He's done client side and server side development in the past, but these days he's trying to figure out how to use technologies like Kotlin to help teams move faster.

Two years ago, Zach transitioned from the world of mechanical engineering to software engineering and hasn't looked back. While he mostly focuses on android, lately he finds himself exploring the many ways he can leverage Kotlin's multi-platform support to continue broadening his horizons.


Jetpack compose is the first major departure from the original Android UI Toolkit and to those not familiar with declarative and reactive UI's, Jetpack compose feels like black magic. We're here to give you a peek behind the curtain. Come take a deep dive into jetpack compose. We'll cover concepts and mental models to help you write idiomatic compose code, talk about what's going on under the hood, how it differs from the existing android toolkit, and the nitty gritty of how compose can achieve a great developer experience while maintaining performance.