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Android Jetpack ❤️ Kotlin: on the road to more wholesome APIs

Wojtek Kaliciński

Android Developer Advocate


I'm a Developer Advocate at Google and I work closely with the Android Studio team to provide outreach on new Studio and Tools releases, as well as framework features. I enjoy looking for ways to make apps more usable, mostly through better development patterns and code optimizations.


Two years ago, Android announced first-class support for the Kotlin programming language. Both the language and the platform evolved a lot during this time, with more focus from the engineering teams at Google on helping developers use the full power of Kotlin. In fact, we’ve seen tremendous adoption of the language among top Android app developers. That’s why, just 2 years later, we announced that, going forward, Android will become Kotlin-first. In this talk I want to talk about the current state of Kotlin on Android, and give you a small glimpse into the future of what modern app development with Android Jetpack looks like.