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[Panel] Apps at Scale: An Industry Discussion

Ty Smith

Tech Lead Manager & GDE

Ty lives in San Francisco and has held team lead and engineering manager roles at many unicorn startups including Uber, Twitter, and Evernote. He has specialized in building scalable mobile apps and developer tooling since 2009. He is passionate about software craftsmanship, engineering sustainability, and building teams focused on delightful user and developer experiences. He's an active angel investor and advisor focused on helping startups scale their mobile and open-source strategies. He cares deeply about the open developer community, is a member of the Google Developer Expert program, regularly speaks at international conferences on Android, as well as organizes the SF Android Google Developer Group and Droidcon San Francisco conference. He's an avid enthusiast of biohacking, longevity, and transhumanism, and, with his spare time, he enjoys science fiction, cooking, traveling, wine tasting, snow boarding, and scuba diving.


What makes app development with 50 engineers different than 5? What do you need to support 100's or 1000's of modules? In this panel, we'll have representation from engineers who've worked on the infrastructure and platforms for some of the largest apps to discuss their various approaches to tooling, process, and organization.

Introductory and overview