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Edge & Offline-First App Data Management in 5G devices

Tom Bates

Principal Software Development Engineer


Tom Bates is a Principal Software Development Engineer at Actian. He works on the Actian Zen Database team. He has over 30 years of experience in database, operating system and software tool development.


Increasingly Smart Devices and 5G will have the unexpected side-effect of generating the need for more on-device analytics and data processing by local applications taking an offline-first approach. And, while offline-first is a straightforward concept, implementation of offline-first mobile apps can present many challenges. The essence of an effective and reliable offline system is a database driven synchronization module that will ensure secure and persistent data storage on the user device as well as performant data ETL between the mobile device, peer to peer, and to the Cloud. This session will show how Android developers can optimize data management in edge and offlline-first use cases in 5G devices with zero-dba, nano-footprint, AES encrypted and multi-architecture DMBS. We will show some real-world implementations such as how companies have implemented sophisticated data-driven mobile apps and levereged this technology to implement the tools for cross-platform mobile development frameworks like Cordova.