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Diving into advanced Kotlin features

Simon Wirtz

Software Engineer, Kotlin Enthusiast & Pioneer

Simon has been working as a Software Engineer for almost eight years. He has mainly worked on JVM backend services. In 2016, he started using Kotlin after having developed many productive applications in Java already. Simon has also been exposed to a few other languages like JavaScript, Python and Groovy.


In the past couple of years, Kotlin became the new standard for modern Android development, and you are probably familiar with most parts of the language already. There are certain features that you use every day but maybe don't quite understand how they work exactly. How are functions like `apply` and `with` implemented? Does Kotlin provide operator overloading? What does the `reified` keyword do? I want to write a DSL, how does it work? In this talk, we want to dive into some advanced features of the language. We learn about concepts like reified generic types, lambdas with receiver, DSLs, built-in delegation, infix functions, operator overloading, destructuring, inline classes, and more. The talk will make you feel more comfortable about what Kotlin does internally and why functions in the standard library "just work". You will learn to make use of advanced features to get even more productive with the language.