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Litho: Best Practices for building efficient UIs

Sergey Ryabov

Software Engineer


Sergey is a Software Engineer in London, where he relocated recently after putting on hold his digital nomadic lifestyle. Currently works on Android UI Frameworks. He is a co-organiser of the first Kotlin User Group in Russia and Android Academy in SPb and Moscow, usually speaks about Kotlin & Android. Rx addict, Kotlin early adopter.


Litho is a declarative Android UI framework which allows you to build more performant and efficient UIs than usual. With Litho you can move your layout phase to the background thread, recycle not only list items, but even individual widgets and do more granular UI updates. It's a very powerful tool with lots of features and possible settings. In this talk I'll discuss best practices and tweaks that you can apply in difficult cases to get the maximum performance out of the framework.