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Performance in a Kotlin world

Sean McQuillan & Daniel Galpin

Developer Advocate & Android Developer Advocate


Sean McQuillan is a Developer Advocate at Google. With a decade of experience at Twilio and other San Francisco startups he is knowledgeable about building apps that scale. Sean is passionate about using great tooling to build high quality apps - quickly. When he is not working on Android you can find him fiddling on the piano or crocheting hats.

Dan leads outreach for the Android Developer Relations team at Google, where he's written blogs, developed videos, spoken at conferences, designed Udacity courseware, and written libraries for over eight years, and Kotlin + Jetpack is the thing that makes being on the Android team fun and exciting again.


Users expect apps to be snappy, responsive, and jank-free. As developers, we want to use new language features and libraries. How do you make sure these new features deliver the performance users expect? In this talk, you'll learn how to make your app shine with practical performance patterns. After this talk you'll know how to use Android Studio profilers and the new Jetpack Benchmarking library to find and fix jank and keep it from coming back.