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Multiplatform Library Development

Russell Wolf

Android Developer

Rocket Insights

Russell started tinkering with Android development in 2012, and has been using Kotlin since late 2015. He has worked on Android projects in domains such as gaming, fitness tracking, identity protection, and bluetooth communication. He is also the author of Multiplatform Settings, a Kotlin library for persisting key-value data in common code.


Multiplatform Kotlin facilitates code-sharing by making platform-agnostic portions of the standard library available in common code that is written once but can run on any target. As Multiplatform development really starts to take off over the next year, there must also be a robust ecosystem of third party libraries available to application developers. I’ll talk through my experiences building one of the early libraries in the mobile Multiplatform space, with lessons on how to find shared abstractions around different platform APIs, how to handle the fast-paced evolution of this environment, and what this all felt like as a first-time library developer. When we're done, you’ll be ready to leverage the growing ecosystem as well as make your own contributions.