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1. Adapting Your Apps for Android Q Privacy Requirements

Nicole Borrelli

2. Tall Legacy App with 10 Pumps Kotlin

Android DevRel


Nicole is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google and has a focus on media playback experiences on the Android. Prior to joining Google, she was a senior Android developer at Smule, and an Android lead at Funzio.


1. To improve user privacy, Android Q adds additional privacy features. This talk will cover recommended best practices for permissions, device identifiers, app launching, notifications, and foreground services.

2. We all know it: Kotlin is awesome, and we all want to write all of our code in it. But what about the thousands of lines of code we've already written in the Java programming language? Even if we want to rewrite it all, sometimes our managers, or ourselves, say no. In this talk we'll look at the best practices for writing Kotlin code that works so seamlessly from Java that the only way to what language its written in is to look at the source code. After the talk, you'll feel confident writing Kotlin code anywhere, knowing it will feel just as natural using that code with the Java programming language.


Lightning talk