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Does your Android app expose you to excess risk?

Neal Michie

Product Manager


Neal Michie serves as product manager for Verimatrix’s award-winning code protection solutions. Helping countless organizations instil trust in their IoT and mobile applications, Neal oversees Verimatrix’s foundational security products that are relied upon by some of the world’s largest organizations. He champions the need to position security as a top-notch concern for IoT companies, seeking to elevate code protection to new heights by serving as a sales enabler and brand protector. Neal brings more than 18 years of software development experience and spent the last decade building highly secure software solutions, including the first to be fully certified by both Mastercard and Visa. This experience has led to Neal being an active participant in influential industry forums.


Power and Risk of mobile. In this presentation, Verimatrix’s Product Manager, Neal Michie, discusses the best practises to develop a secure Android app. He looks at the unique challenges of the Android ecosystem and debunks the myth that Android is inherently insecure. Takeaways/learnings: Strengths and weakness of the Android ecosystem from an app security perspective. Risks of ignoring security when developing an app. Best practises for developing a secure Android app.