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A Brief History of Real Time Audio (or Wasn’t That API Deprecated?)

Morrison Chang

Journeyman Software Developer

A software developer who started when the web was young and has worked in manufacturing, finance, and advertising. He as been programming Android since the G1/ADP days and is a commit level/lead member of the Skylight1 open source project. In the past he has presented at BarCamp NYC, NYPC’s Java Mobile Group, AnDevCon, and DroidCon NYC. He thinks he spends too much time trawling the questions on StackOverflow.


Real Time Audio has been the desire of those building games or audio tools with mixed success throughout the history of Android. This talk will cover the ups and downs and various API changes for those interested in high performance audio, starting with JetPlayer (yes it still exists) going through assistive projects like Oboe and the newest stuff in Android Q.

Introductory and overview

Lightning talk