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Getting to know CameraX

Meghan Mehta & Oscar Wahltinez

Android Developer Advocate & Developer Programs Engineer


Meghan Mehta is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. She is passionate about mobile development and before Google worked on apps at Disney, Foursquare and Yelp. Outside of work she sings musical theater and swing dances. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @adressyengineer.

Oscar is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on Android


Developing camera based applications on Android is often times frustrating due to the fragmentation of Android devices supported around the world. To combat that, we are introducing CameraX which solves common issues like flash not firing, crashing on front/back camera switch, and more! We will be discussing the ongoing development of the CameraX API, its capabilities, app architecture, show a demo of the API in action and more! Come learn how to elevate your in app experiences by using this consistent and easy to use API.

Introductory and overview