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Jetpacks for you and I

Marcos Placona

Developer Evangelist


Marcos is a developer evangelist at Twilio where he works with communities in London and all over Europe. He is passionate about technology and security and spends a great deal of his time building mobile and web apps, and often connecting them to physical devices. Marcos is also a Google Developer Expert and a great believer in open source projects. When he’s not writing open source code, he’s probably blogging about code on https://androidsecurity.info, https://androidthings.rocks or https://realkotlin.com. He’s a great API enthusiast and believes they bring peace to the Software Engineering world.


Lifecycles, navigation, camera, database access… To name a few of the most complex APIs to work with Android. In 2017 Google introduced Jetpack, a collection of Android components that make it easier for you to develop great apps, follow best practices and avoid performing complex tasks or writing boilerplate code. It's also HUGE and with over 30 different components in the collection, getting started can be daunting if you don't know what is what. In this talk, we will look at what you need to get started with some of the hottest Jetpack components that offer backwards compatibility and are updated more frequently than the Android platform.

Introductory and overview