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Easy Android Accessibility

Lyla Fujiwara & Shailen Tuli

Android Developer Advocate & Developer Programs Engineer


Lyla Fujiwara is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Udacity on the Android team, where she taught introductory to advanced Android and Firebase content to over a hundred thousand developers. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has taught and lived on three continents.

Shailen is a Developer Programs Engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He is focused on making it easy for developers to make Android apps accessible.


Thinking about accessibility early leads to a better experience for everyone. Learn how users of different accessibility services interact with your app, and find out about common accessibility issues and their solutions. Discover how to test for accessibility: use Accessibility Scanner to identify common accessibility issues (and learn how to solve those issues), and see how to integrate the Accessibility Test Framework into your Espresso and Robolectric tests.

Introductory and overview