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The Light Way

Lisa Wray

Mobile engineer


Lisa Wray is a mobile developer, speaker, and advocate specializing in user interfaces. She has a B.S. from M.I.T. in music and computer science, and is a Google Developer Expert for Android. She currently works at Facebook, and previously worked at Google, the New York Times, and Genius. She currently lives in Seattle.


What if an app could be performant by being simple? What if an app could work “at scale” for 1 billion users using only standard Android paradigms? At Facebook, we support some of the biggest, most complex apps in the world. But we also support developing countries, low-memory phones, and spotty network. So in Messenger Lite, we tried something different. We prioritized cold start and APK size by going back to basics. We limit our dependencies -- and our feature set. And we embrace what the Android framework provides to make a completely native app that’s featherweight and really, really fast. I’ll walk you through how these tools -- like data binding, RecyclerViews, a database-driven UI, and simply writing *less code* -- are available to every Android developer who wants to build their app the Lite way.