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Netflix's Reactive Android Components - The Redux Revenge.

Juliano Moraes

Senior Software Engineer


Juliano has been coding for 20 years, mostly focused in User Interface Engineering. He is passionate about Software Architecture and Design Patterns. For the last 3+ years Juliano has been working to bring great experiences for millions of Netflix members worldwide.


In this session I will talk a little bit about how Netflix has started building mobile apps to bring technology and innovation to Studio Physical Productions, the portion of the business responsible for producing our TV shows and movies. Recently, we've built a new mobile app from scratch, 100% Kotlin leveraging a new version of our componentization architecture that is Reactive & Composable using a unidirectional data flow approach through Redux. Multiplatform by Architecture - what if we can apply the same architecture on iOS using 100% Swift? I’ll walk you through how we've built two apps with 50+ UI components and 60% of unit test coverage in three months with four engineers.