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Transforming a Java Desktop Application to Kotlin Multiplatform

Jossi Wolf

Freelance Android Developer

Jossi is a Freelance Android Developer from Hamburg, Germany. Jossi graduated high school in 2018 and has been working on many projects, including software for startups as well as car manufacturers. As a GDG Organiser and part of Women Tech Makers Hamburg, he is working on a project bringing coding classes to schools using several new approaches. Jossi also loves Kotlin and Rabbits!


Kotlin Multiplatform is a language feature that allows compiling Kotlin code for Java, JavaScript, iOS, and even Native targets. While there are plenty of resources on how to use this feature, this session takes a look at converting a real-world Java Swing Application to Kotlin Multiplatform and when it actually makes sense to use it. Starting from with the basics of Kotlin Multiplatform, you will get to see its beauty and simplicity. After that, you will learn about gotchas, caveats and lessons learnt from converting and refactoring a Java Desktop Application to Kotlin and running it on multiple target platforms. In this talk, we will take a look at running our refactored code in the browser. You'll leave this talk with a solid grasp of what's possible with Kotlin Multiplatform, where it makes sense to use it and where it maybe doesn't.