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Flutter at scale

Jorge Coca

Mobile Core Engineer


Spanish engineer lost in Chicago. I am writing the book "Dart 2 In Action" for Manning Publications. I work at BMW, in the mobile core tea, developing the Connected experiences for BMW and MINI. Prior to that, I was the Android dev. Now, I am the Flutter dev. When I am not coding, you’ll likely find me playing guitar and trying to sing at the same time, although we can all agree that singing is not one of my strengths!


Flutter has been out of beta for less than a year. It is an amazing framework UI that lets you run your code pretty much anywhere. There's a lot of expectations around it, incredible apps running at 60fps, but... is it ready to be adopted at scale? At BMW, we faced that question a while ago, and the answer was YES! We tried it, we loved it, and we collected all the necessary information to prove that Flutter was the right choice for us. In this talk, let me show you our process to make Flutter our preferred tool for developing applications, and how we enable multiple teams around the world to deliver incredible experiences fast and safely.

Introductory and overview