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How to Do Great Work

John Li


John Li is an Android Tech Lead at Wayfair. He is a huge fan of experimenting with mobile technology and has participated in over 30+ hackathons. He is currently challenging himself to understand one of the world's greatest mysteries: how Dagger2 works under the hood.


I recently moved cross-county to join Wayfair as the Android Tech Lead of the Design Services team. I found myself halfway between the responsibilities of a manager and an Android developer with a new product to understand and a small team of junior developers to mentor. Inspired by Julie Zhou's advice in The Making of a Manager, I decided to outline what it means to do great work as an Android developer. I am here to share the soft skills and programming patterns that I have found in my experience to be both important and rewarding. These are the same skills and patterns that drive the Design Services team at Wayfair.

Introductory and overview

Lightning talk