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Making a mountain out of a module

Joe Birch & Ataul Munim

Senior Engineer @Buffer

Android @Monzo

Hi, my names Joe. I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Pay and Flutter based in Brighton, UK working on the Android team at Buffer. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, the web, TV, wearables and I’ll probably be toying with whatever the new thing is at the time you’re reading this – I love to be constantly learning. I’m also a keen writer as I love to share my learnings and experiences with others.

Android at Monzo, Google Developer Expert for Android. Terrible memory, excellent movie watcher, fantasises about being a musician, and terrible memory.


As our single module applications grow, we can start to feel the pain of a monolithic architecture. Not only can this affect the maintainability of our codebase, but it can also affect the morale of our team. With clearly defined modules and clean code principles we can avoid painting ourselves into a corner. In this talk we'll learn how to create a fully-modularised Android application that follows the principles defined in Clean Architecture. We'll discuss trade-offs between frameworks like Koin and Dagger and how these choices can affect how you can modularise your app, and what this means from a practical point of view with regards to day-to-day development, long-term consequences and complexity for new joiners.