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Building apps using Kotlin Native

Jeremy Rempel

Staff Engineer


Jeremy is currently an Android Engineer at Etsy.


Pragmatic introduction to building iOS and Android apps utilizing Kotlin Native and related technologies. What, Why, How. Introductory/beginner talk to the technology appropriate for people familiar with Android/iOS development but not Kotlin Native technology. Target: All Engineering levels What: is Kotlin Native? Brief introduction to the technology, Hello world example compiling JVM and KN Why Kotlin Native? - Brief introduction of how the technology can be used to create a common code base that can be compiled for use in both iOS and Android - Brief discussion of the problems of duplicated code base: siloed teams and duplicated effort, bugs, lack of momentum and feature fragmentation - Discussion of how KN attempts to solve the problem in a pragmatic way: Similar to integration with Java. Sharing is the default not the exception, enabling the teams to share when appropriate and leverage the strengths of the underlying platform - As opposed to other solutions KN can be adopted incrementally. It less risky How to create an iOS and Android app in KN: - Creating a basic application such as a Todo List - Step by step walkthrough of setup, module system, shared libraries, gradle, integration into native platform, expect/actual, threading, networking, serialization etc - Discussion of architecture patterns for shared systems (MVVM, MVP) tradeoffs and decisions teams to make - How to get started with a brownfield app. Modularizing, libraries, patterns

Introductory and overview