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Advanced & Practical MotionLayout

Jason Pearson

Principal Android Engineer


Jason Pearson is a polyglot who first worked as a backend engineer for years before finding his love for all things Android at Hinge. He actively cultivates innovation and collaboration between product, design, and engineering to deliver the best experience possible.


ConstraintLayout team has steadily released new features that give Android developers far better animation tools. Now that we have these tools it is time to give users the beautiful motion they've come to expect from top tier apps. We will cover how to practically use MotionLayout to deliver on complex design asks. This will involve reusing Constraints between multiple Transitions, how to apply multiple effects at different points in a Transition, switching between Transitions programmatically or automatically, how to link the progress of MotionLayout to other widgets, and especially how complex interactions with a RecyclerView can be straightforward. Whether you're a senior UI developer who knows the intricacies of Animators or someone who has shied away from animation on Android, this talk should give you a working knowledge of how MotionLayout can make a difference in your app and team.