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Lessons Learned from Using Kotlin Multiplatform internally

JB Lorenzo

Senior Android

OLX Group

JB is a geeky mobile expert from Berlin. JB has been with OLX Group for more than three years, two years of which are from the Philippines and the rest from Berlin. Before that he worked for several years in a company that serviced clients such as NFL, HSN and other large media companies. He likes exploring new technologies related to mobile, especially those that can improve developer productivity. JB enjoys experiencing different cultures via food, language, and travel.


We've recently re-organized teams in OLX. My team and I went on to maintain and develop the posting flow of the app. Due to the new team structures, we were able to start new architectures and try out new things within the new teams. The goal was to migrate into a new api, while keeping the flow the same to the user's perspective. I started experimenting with Kotlin Multiplatform for the posting form. I started with the data models and the fetching of data. Another thing we were considering was that we need to keep the flow the same and have safety for switching to this new code just in case something happens. I will present learnings and patterns that we used along with learnings of how to coordinate with the team for both Android and iOS.

Introductory and overview