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Building iOS and Android Mobile App in 30 minutes!

Hazem Saleh

Software Architect

Viacom NY

Hazem Saleh has more than fifteen years of experience in Cloud and Mobile technologies. During his technical career, Hazem worked in developing numerous mobile app and web products. Hazem is an Open source enthusiast, an Apache PMC (Project Management Committee) member and a person who spent many years of his life writing open source software. Besides being an author of five technical books about mobile development, web development and software engineering best practices, Hazem is also an author of many technical articles, a developerWorks contributing author and a technical speaker in both local and international conferences such as AnDevCon, ApacheCon North America, Geecon, JavaLand, JSFDays, CON-FESS, Droidcon and JavaOne. Hazem is an XIBMer, He worked in IBM for ten years. Now, He is working for Viacom New York as a Software Architect.


If you are a mobile developer that loves developing mobile apps as quickly as possible, then this session is definitely for you. This session shows you how to develop and run a mobile app in 30 minutes without needing to have any deep knowledge of native mobile application development in iOS or Android. This will be achieved by using Flutter. This session is a practical session that shows you the detailed steps needed for developing an app that allows users to capture photos and share them with other app users. This app utilizes server-side APIs powered by JAX-RS. After this session, you’ll know enough information that can allow you to start developing your first mobile app.