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Using ML to make your UI tests more robust

Godfrey Nolan



Godfrey Nolan is founder and president of RIIS LLC a mobile development firm in the Detroit Metro area. He is also author of Agile Swift (Apress), Agile Android (Apress), Bulletproof Android (Pearson), Android Best Practices (Apress), Decompiling Java (Apress) and Decompiling Android (Apress).


Common practice is to write lots of unit tests and API tests and only a few User Interface tests. Why? Because UI tests are brittle. Change one thing and all the other tests unravel. But what if we could use ML to help us out. Many of our apps have the same functionality such as login, checkout, share, pay etc. In this session we'll look at how we can use Object Detection and labeling techniques to make our UI tests more robust with a fraction of the code.