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Flowing Things, not so strange in the MVI world

Garima Jain

Android Engineer


Garima Jain, also known as @ragdroid is working as an Android Engineer at Over. Previously she has worked with Fueled Noida and Bharti Soft Bank (Hoppr, Hike). She is also an international speaker, CasterIO author and an active technical blogger.


Migrating an Rx MVI pattern completely to coroutines using Flow. In the MVI world, there was a missing piece from the coroutines framework and due to this, it always felt strange to completely adopt coroutines. Recently, with the introduction of Co-routines Flow library, things are not so strange anymore. In this talk we will have a look at Coroutines Flow library, its need and how it compares with the reactive world. We will then learn to migrate an Rx MVI pattern to use coroutines Flow.