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Hands on MvRx: Building Real Apps

Gabriel Peal

Android engineer


Gabriel is an Android engineer at Tonal (https://www.tonal.com/). Previously, he worked at Airbnb and Google. At Airbnb, he supported 70 product engineers to ensure that the Android app is stable and fun to develop for. He also worked on the React Native infrastructure for a year. At Google, he helped take Android Auto from ideas on a whiteboard to car dealerships around the world. He also wrote Lottie for Android and is a co-maintainer and owner of MvRx.


In 40 minutes, we're going to build two apps with MvRx. The two apps are designed to demonstrate practical and real-world use cases of MvRx. I am a creator and maintainer of MvRx and have successfully led large-scale migrations to MvRx at Airbnb and Tonal as well as assisted the migration at many other companies.