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Native with Kotlin/Native

Eugene Petrenko

Software Developer


Eugene is a software developer, Ph.D., speaker, and blogger. He is working at JetBrains and contributing to open source. His passion includes software architecture, server-side, clouds and production, programming languages. Eugene speaks and works with Java, Kotlin, Go, .NET, Web, C/C++. He has been a Kotlin fun for years and completed his first production Kotlin code back in 2013.


How difficult is it for a Java developer to write a native program? Do not be afraid and join us for the talk without a virtual machine but with the comfort of Java. We’ll write native code in Kotlin, an open source, modern, pragmatic and statically typed programming language, which targets JVM, JS, and native platforms. A static, shared, or dynamic C-libraries, Swift or Obj-C frameworks are accessible form Kotlin code and how it is exported as such libraries. Code re-use between platforms helps to benefit from every platform libraries, without a need to build tricky abstractions. Throughout the talk, we will see how Kotlin helps the speaker to solve real problems in his open source projects targeting iOS, Linux, JS, JVM, macOS, and Windows