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Android & Assistant: a match made in heaven

Eliza Camber

Android Developer


Eliza is an Android developer at Pixplicity, and a Google Developer Expert on the Assistant. She is also the Women Techmakers Lead for the Netherlands and an organizer for the GDG Netherlands. Her big passion is to explore and play with new technologies while she enjoys travelling, and attending conferences and meetups.


Android has 2.5 billion monthly active users. The Google Assistant on the other hand, the past year quadrupled its active users and it's now available in more than a billion devices. While this number constantly grows, during this years IO we saw a next gen Assistant that is smart, helpful, extremely fast, but most importantly a part of the OS instead of an add-on. From showing notifications and information when asked, to opening apps and complete the action there, the Assistant can get things done faster and better than ever. How do you make sure your content is visible to the Assistant and consequently to your users? How do you make your app "Assistant ready"? In this talk we're going to explore among others the brand new app actions and slices for the Assistant, how you can make your own action, while we're also going to touch on some app architecture basics

Introductory and overview