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Inside the Room

Effie Barak

Senior Android developer


I work at Quizlet as a Senior Android developer on the Mobile Infra team, working to improve the app and the development experience for all the Android teams. Before that I worked at Pinterest as a Senior Android developer on the Core Experience team. Before that I was a Senior Android developer at Udemy, responsible for the Android app development and leading the development of the Android TV prototype. I began working as a C# developer 10 years ago. I became a mobile developer 4 years ago, and released many Windows and Windows Phone apps. After moving to San Francisco in 2013, I worked for Slack on the Windows Phone app.


Take a deep dive into how Google’s persistence library, Room, works with SQLite. In this talk we'll cover the 3 layers we use to persist to a local database, how they work and how they work with each other: SQLite, Android and AndroidX libraries, and Room. We'll cover locks and threads and how they're managed, how Room provides RxJava/ LiveData support, SQLite transactions and how they're created and managed by Room, and how Room supports paging and large queries.