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Calm is key: A guide to a happier, more productive workplace

Dan Kim

Android Programmer


Dan has been an Android programmer at Basecamp for four years, and prior to that had been working on Java for...a long time. He's always enjoyed Android development, but working with Kotlin over the last few years has rocketed that enthusiasm to a whole new level. The Android and Kotlin communities have been instrumental to his work and career, and he's a big believer in paying that forward. Outside of work, he's an avid Dad 👴, donut aficionado 🍩, pizza lover 🍕, and emoji enthusiast 😉.


Many of today's work environments are crazy — they run at a frenetic pace, full of interruptions and distractions. They leave us drained, overworked, and frustrated. And yet we do our best work in the opposite environment — when we're focused, clear headed, and have time to think. So let's try to shift the balance by talking about a better, calmer way. We'll talk about a variety of ways we can all encourage greater calm at work. How do we maintain focus and prevent interruptions? What are some strategies to manage our time and responsibilities? What can we do both at work and home to keep me sharp mentally? And how do maintain real balance and boundaries between work and home? By the end of the talk, I hope you'll have some new ideas and inspiration to work toward a calmer, more productive work environment for you and your team.

Introductory and overview