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Koin vs Dagger (Service Locator vs D.I.)

Brian Plummer

Cofounder of FriendlyRobot, Senior Android Dev


Brian has been passionate about making Android applications amazing for almost 9 years. He started his Android career working for TouchLab, then The New York Times, followed by Nike's s23NYC innovation lab, and is currently at Kiva. Brian is the co-founder of FriendlyRobot.nyc, an Android development shop in New York City. He enjoys speaking about Android at conferences and meetups. He also enjoys reading about astronomy, sleeping in the woods, tending to his plant herd, and flipping logs to find critters.


With Koin 2.0 it’s time for us to evaluate this age old debate. What exactly do we mean by service locator vs dependency injection? Does it matter in a modern age? I will discuss this topic along with how both libraries are implemented with an emphasis on their differences and how that affects us. By the end of this talk you will have an understanding of their implementations and the knowledge to assess which one is right for you!