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If your code looks like it's Kotlin & quacks like it's Kotlin, then it probably is Swift.

Adrian Catalan & Cecilia Castillo

Innovation Lab Director & Mobile Software Engineer

Galileo University & Xoom

Adrián has been involved in software industry for 13+ years, working both in web and mobile apps. GDG Guatemala, GuatemalaJS and Nodebots former co-organizer. Currently he leads the Innovation Lab at Galileo University and is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) for Android, IoT and Firebase.

Ceci is Mobile Software Engineer at Xoom a PayPal Service where she has Worked on both Android and iOS Apps. She has been developing for mobile for around 6 years. She co-organizes the Google Developer User Group in Guatemala and the Women Tech Maker Event.


The popularity and adoption of Kotlin has been rising after Android welcomed it as first class citizen on the platform. Swift has been following its own path to success the last couple of years. Both share many similarities and as both platforms has been converging, barriers to become fluent on native mobile apps for Android and iOS are lower than ever!. Join us to see an Android developer doing Swift, an iOS developer writing Kotlin and enjoy this thrill ride with two tour guides that will drive you out of your comfort zone while sharing their struggles and success to inspire you to learn the languages. In this talk we'll review similarities and advantages as we implement an app on both platforms, how to start using the other language once you've given your first steps on either and how you can start your world domination plans with your next line of code. Quack quack!