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Adam McNeilly

Senior Android Engineer


Adam is a Software Engineer, Android enthusiast, and pun aficionado. He fell in love with Android when he picked it up as a hobby in 2013 and he's been staying on top of the latest trends and contributing to open source projects ever since. Adam also strives to be an active member of the developer community - traveling the country to attend and speak at hackathons and conferences to both educate and learn from others in the community.


Comments have the potential to make or break a codebase. Helpful comments can save you from a lot of reading and debugging. Poor comments can send you on wild goose chases toward something that turns out to be a different problem after all. It's our job as developers to make sure the comments we write actually help the reader. In this talk you'll learn how to tell the difference between an unhelpful comment and a helpful one. We'll discuss when you can remove a comment entirely and when you can optimize the helpfulness of the ones you keep. By the end, you'll have an understanding of how code and comments coexist, and how to leverage comments for long term benefits in your projects.

Introductory and overview