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let swift == val kotlin -> Why iOS is so important for Android, and vice versa

Jorge Coca

Android Lead Engineer at BMW

UIViewControllers and Activities. UITableViews and ReyclerViews. UILabels and TextViews. XIBs and XML layouts. Although it might seem that the mobile world is divided in two, that does not mean that iOS and Android apps can find ways to be speak “the same language”. It is crucial for Android developers to understand what happens on the iOS side, and vice versa. I believe that, part of the success for Android and iOS apps, resides in being able to find those similarities between the platforms, embrace them, and provide a common architecture between that two platform that facilitates the development… and who knows, maybe one day you can be writing for both platforms in Kotlin/Native ;) Let my explain in this talk why iOS is so important for Android developers, why Swift is so easy to understand when you know Kotlin, and how you can architect your apps in such a way that transitioning to Kotlin/Native will be a pice of cake!