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Testing In App Billing the Easy Way

Ryan Harter

Android @ Pixite

In app purchases and subscriptions offer great business models for mobile apps, but can be difficult to test internally. Google allows you to register test accounts in the Play Store so you won't be charged, but you still have to contend with slow cancellation times, a limited set of accounts, and the need to have a deployed version of your app in the Play Store. What if you could manage inventory and purchase data locally, allowing test users to experience your app in any state, and work through your purchase flow at any time, all with minimal changes to your code? This talk will look at BillingX, a new library from Pixite that allows you to do exactly that with almost no changes to your code. We'll discuss the inner workings of how BillingX is implemented, how it can be integrated into your existing projects, and how you can either use it or easily create your own implementation.