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KOTLIN/Everywhere at

droidcon New York 2019

Jetbrains and Google have created an event series called Kotlin/Everywhere. We are proud to be a part of this event series.

We were originally thinking it would be “a track” at the event, but as Android is mostly Kotlin-focused now, and because we’ve made a strong effort to have Multiplatform front and center, the “Kotlin-focused” content is going to be everywhere.

Thanks to Kevin Galligan for making this possible!

You can read his original article here

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Most of the content at an Android conference in 2019 is going to be around Kotlin on some level (except for the Flutter folks). However, here’s the stuff that’s about Kotlin specifically, libraries (re)designed around Kotlin, and Multiplatform topics.

General Topics

Performance in a Kotlin world — Sean McQuillan & Daniel Galpin

Diving into advanced Kotlin features — Simon Wirtz

Kids, Play Nice! — Writing With Kotlin-Java Interop — Britt Barak

Tall Legacy App with 10 Pumps Kotlin — Nicole Borrelli

If your code looks like it’s Kotlin … then it probably is Swift — Adrian Catalan & Cecilia Castillo


Flowing Things, not so strange in the MVI world — Garima Jain

Coroutine + Flow = MVI ❤ — Etienne Caron


We're not going to list every library that uses Kotlin, just some that stick out.

We have a few talks on Jetpack Compose specifically, which we think qualifies!

Android Jetpack ❤️ Kotlin: on the road to more wholesome APIs — Wojtek Kaliciński

SELECT * FROM Kotlin — Sam Edwards

Prototyping with Jetpack Compose — Ben Oberkfell

How it’s made: Jetpack Compose — Yousuf Haque & Zachary Smith

Hands on MvRx: Building Real Apps — Gabriel Peal